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We bring over 30 years of experience in studies that include energy audits, central plant evaluation, cogeneration and renewable resources, strategic energy planning and energy action plans for cities and educational institutions. We have served as CEC’s Prime Contractor for the Bright School and Energy Partnership program for over 10 years.

Besides using state of the art simulation models for buildings, we develop our own custom models for simulations when standard off-the-shelf models are not designed to handle the unique site specific complexities.

We have commissioned and retro-commissioned central plants, recreation centers, libraries, office and classroom buildings as well as photovoltaic projects. We have solved several unique problems and successfully resolved complex design and operational issues arising during the commissioning activity. We have provided LEED enhanced commissioning services for two LEED Gold buildings and several LEED Silver buildings.

Through innovative techniques, we are helping buildings realize continuous commissioning objectives with simple and powerful solutions.

As the complexity of energy systems within a campus grows from a simple central plant to a more complex system consisting of several central plants, cogeneration, renewable power, energy storage and more, we have developed a unique and flexible modeling approach that helps our clients model the entire District Energy System (DES) on an hourly basis.

Our DES-Sim/8760 computer model uses actual hourly loads, part-load characteristics of major systems, hourly ambient temperature, operating sequences to simulate the entire DES from the plant operator to a CFO's perspective.

We have experience with numerous CHP / Cogeneration Plants. These include projects at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Metropolitan State Hospital and more. Our expertise includes plant re-power evaluations, plant retro-commissioning and plant optimization studies. Our knowledge of plant systems combined with our modeling skills such as that represented by DES-SIM/8760 allows us to analyze any complex CHP plant scenario.

Our skilled engineers are often sought after for such specialized projects that involve CHP plant design and overcoming optimization complexities.

We have studied and designed a number of PV installations including the ones as LA Mission College Parking Structure, City of Thousand Oaks, City of Huntington Beach (Various Types), San Jose State University (Various Types) and Rancho Cucamonga Public Library Rooftop.

We have developed various design tools to layout the PV panels and engineer the wiring and electrical system components. We have developed a unique benchmarking tool for the PV industry that allows PV owners to evaluate their project on a real-time basis with respect to a known benchmark.

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