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Digital Energy, Inc. brings over 20 years of experience in developing custom simulation models for central plants and District Energy Systems. Our modeling methodology allows a system to be modeled on an hourly basis over 365 days of the year to accurately predict economic performance of a given project or system.

Why Hourly Modeling?

With the time of use energy prices (Peak, Mid Peak, Off Peak) and seasonal prices (Summer, Winter) combined with thermal and electric demands that vary hour by hour, getting the most economic value from a project depends on how well the sequences are designed to optimize plant utilization and economic benefits. Hourly modeling technique helps evaluate economics based on user defined operational sequences and part-load characteristics of equipment, whether it be gas turbine, steam turbine or electric chillers.

Example of a Complex Hourly Model

A well renowned university campus central chiller/cogeneration plant with 42,000 Ton Hour TES, 2 LM 1600 gas turbines, 14 MW steam turbine with extraction/induction port, 26,000 Tons of chillers with a combination of electric, steam turbine driven and absorbers and a remote chiller plant that serves the same chilled water loop. This modeling answered key questions related to economically optimum point for expanding plant capacity resulting from campus growth.

Introducing DES-SIM/8760™

There are numerous examples of campuses or organizations that have a complex array of energy systems operating within the campus boundary. In each case, optimization questions prompt the need for a sophisticated evaluation technique to get what the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) needs to know, such as what is offered by DES-SIM/8760.

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