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If you love a work setting that provides you a tremendous opportunity to learn building science and enginering by working on a variety of projects; if you believe that hard work, dedication, and quality are key ingredients to success, look no further!

Jai Agaram, President

Senior Engineer - Job Opening (Last Updated Nov 4, 2016)

Independently design, manage, and lead feasibility studies and other projects to analyze and evaluate the energy and electrical systems of buildings and identify strategies to enhance their operability and energy efficiency. Work directly with owners, contractors, and other staff to determine project scope, goals, cost estimates, and timelines and prepare detailed schedules outlining project phases. Establish performance criteria for energy systems including Lumens, CRI, Power Factor, Wattage, and Lamp Life Hours based on research and study of industry standard guidelines, local codes, and environmental conditions. Manage and supervise the conduct of energy audits and analyze and ensure the accuracy of data gathered by supporting staff. Develop energy models of the building envelope, energy systems, and interior loads based on Energy Engineering theory and disciplines in eQuest and Energy Pro and help Energy Analysts to generate parametric runs to assess energy use and efficiency. Direct supporting staff in the creation of detailed reports on energy performance. Review reports, make recommendations, and design solutions for increased energy efficiency and improved operability. Review, evaluate, and finalize designs, bid specifications, and Requests for Proposals and oversee the implementation of new energy systems or improvements. Review and revise Cx plans, pre-functional checklists, functional test plans, and California Title-24 acceptance requirements for projects. Oversee the start-up, programming, and balancing of systems equipment and perform functional tests to verify systems integrity and compliance with design. Maintain and monitor issue logs throughout the duration of projects and ensure the resolution of all issues. Train and supervise the activities of supporting staff and conduct performance evaluations. Will supervise 4 Energy Analysts.

Requirements: Masters degree in Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a related field and three years of experience in the job offered or a related position. Must be a Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers. The position also requires skills and knowledge in eQuest, AutoCAD, Design Builder, Energy Pro, CELite Lighting Auditing Software. It involves little travel- 24% of work time, several days but less than 60 days per year.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Westlake Village, CA. Email Resume to: Digital Energy, Inc. @

Our Philosophy

  • Customer Focus - Remaining flexible, responsive and cost effective to the needs of our customers is our top priority. It is a culture that we promote internally and across all the sub-contractors with whom we work.

  • Environment - For over 20-years Digital Energy's team has assisted clients on hundreds of projects with major energy saving environmental and sustainable improvements making a huge impact on green house gas emissions.

  • Innovation - Digital Energy fosters the development of new ideas, systems and methods to find the most effective way of serving our client needs. New ideas and systems set "our" clients above the norm.

  • Work Culture - We believe in both team success and individual growth. Recognition of unique strengths in each team member and creating work opportunities to bring out the best in them helps us excel as a team.